WOW at the Majors

Hit with Former Champion Mats Wilander at the 2013 French Open,
2013 Wimbledon or 2013 US Open

2013 US Open
August 26-September 8
Hit with us and sit in our box August 28 and August 30. Package is limited to 8 participants.
2 Sessions 9 – 10:30 and 10:30 – 12. Four players per session.

Clinics will be held at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills.
See our seats on the Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating chart (PDF)

2013 French Open
May 26-June 19
Hit with us at the French Open and join us in our box. Stay tuned.
Watch a video of 2011 participants.

Wimbledon 2013
June 24-July 7
Stay Tuned.